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Trial Bids

On the following hand you open 1, partner raises to 2 and you have to decide whether or not to try for game.

Trial Bids in Bridge

You know partner has between 6-9 points. What more would you really like to know about partner's hand? Would you like to know whether partner was minimum or maximum for the 2 bid? 6 points or 9 points? That would be some help, I guess. What if you could find out whether partner had the A or K! Now that would be useful! If partner has a fitting honour for your diamonds it will really help establishing that suit.

In the two specific sequences 1 - 2 and 1♠ - 2♠ you can bid a new suit to invite partner to game if he has an honour in that new suit. Bidding a new suit like this is called a 'trial bid'.

Trial Bids in Bridge

Partner says yes. Game makes.

Trial Bids in Bridge

Partner says no. 3 is high enough

Let's look it from responder's point of view. I'm going to rotate the cards so you're still South.

Trial Bids in Bridge

Partner has invited to game. Accept or decline?

It's close. 2 showed 6-9 points and you have 7. The A looks good because that's partner's suit. How good is the K? You have no idea!

That 3 bid from partner gave you no clue as to how to evaluate your side suit honours.

Trial Bids in Bridge

Aha! I know my K is worth something.

Trial Bids in Bridge

Not so keen.

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