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Bidding System

Opening the Bidding

The first person to bid is the opener.

On the following hand West was the dealer and passed. North was the first player to make a bid.

auction in a game of bridge

North is the opener on this hand.

Most opening bids are made at the 1 level. 1♣, 1, 1, 1♠ or 1NT.

High Card Points

You'll need to have a strong enough hand if you want to open the bidding. You can use a simple method of determining strength by looking at your top cards in each suit.

Ace4 points
King3 points
Queen2 points
Jack1 points

Opening 1♣, 1, 1, 1♠

Open your longest suit. Length before strength!

On the following hand North and East pass then South opens the bidding 1.

auction in a game of bridge

South opens the bidding 1.

Opening 1NT

An opening bid of 1NT shows 12-14 points and a balanced hand. Balanced means no singleton or void and no 6 card suit. Just a little bit of everything!

Between Hands
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