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Bidding System

Bidding System

Bidding Roles

Opener: the first player to make a bid
Responder: the opener's partner
Overcaller: the player to the left of the opener
Advancer: the overcaller's partner

Opening 1NT

12-14 points, balanced hand.

Pre-alert. If your partner opens 1NT you announce to the table "12-14"

Responding to 1NT

INT is such an accurate bid that the responder will be in a good position to choose the final contract.

There's normally no need for the 1NT opener to bid again.

Opening 1♣, 1, 1, 1♠

12+ points, 4+ card suit.

Pre-alert: If your partner opens 1♣ you announce to the table "4+"

Responding to 1♣, 1, 1, 1♠

You can respond with 6+ points to show trump support, bid notrumps or bid a suit of your own. If you bid your own suit the opener should bid again.


The overcaller and the advancer can use a similar bidding system to the opener and responder. The overcaller can be more flexible with points but it's better to have a 5+ card suit to overcall.

Bidding Strategy

When everybody is bidding, use your trump fit to guide you how high to bid. With a trump fit you can be reasonably adventurous even at the 2 or 3 level. Don't go too crazy higher than that and if you don't have a trump fit then you'll often be better off defending.

If it's just you and your partner bidding then try for game with a combined point count of 25+.

Your contract is not a target. Your target is winning as many tricks as you can.

Between Hands
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