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Bidding System

Bidding Strategy


3NT, 4, 4♠, 5♣ and 5 are called 'game' contracts. Any contract below game is called a 'part-score'.

Competitive bidding and the part-score battle

8 cards in the same suit between your hand and partner's is called a 'fit'.

If you can find a fit in any suit then tell partner the good news by supporting that suit even if it means bidding to the 2 or 3 level.

auction in a game of bridge

South has a heart fit and bids 3

Constructive bidding and the game bonus

You win extra points for bidding and making a game. If you and your partner have 25+ points between your two hands then go for it!

auction in a game of bridge

North showed 12-14 points, South has 13. That's 25!

Between Hands
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